A year later...

Well, here we are a year later...and if you have been checking for updates regularly, I apologize for the lack of information!  I loaned my personal laptop to my cousin Rebekah while she does her schooling through WGU, so I have been even more lax with updating everyone on our lives than usual, which is saying something, since I haven't been that great with it in recent times!

So I will try to update on various things in a somewhat intelligible way!


Our boys have continued to grow and learn over the last year.  Well, that is to say that Watson has grown, and is now roughly as big as Cooper!  We had some rough bits as Watson is a bit of a chewer...he has destroyed a kitchen rug, a prescription pill bottle, numerous socks, sticks, toys, a spray bottle, and was bold enough to steal Bruce's steak off of the counter one evening...an act which I am pretty sure has not yet been forgiven entirely... It's a good thing he's cute!

The boys have become the best of friends, and love spending time together, whether it be cuddling, playing, play fighting, chilling with Bruce and myself, or playing with their other friends.  Soon we will be adding Murphy back into our little family, and we are excited to have him back and introduce him to Watson, since they have never met.  We are officially those crazy dog people!








The house:

We have now been in our home for a little over a year, and it has been a whirlwind!  After dealing with flooding last winter, we put gutters on our house, because for some crazy reason, it didn't already have them!  Just adding the gutters made a huge difference!

I painted the kitchen, nook, and basement to match our living room and dining room, which is a light grey color that I simply love!  It gives such a fresh and clean feel to everything. I also painted our bedroom a pretty navy blue color, which will look beautiful once we finally get around to putting up curtains, buying bedding, and getting a headboard...which I still have yet to do!

We later learned that our entire roof needed to be replaced, which turned out to be a large expense that we had not been planning on, so we are basically paying to literally keep a roof over our heads in more ways than one!

We also built some raised garden beds, and planted some fruits and vegetables last summer, and it was so fun to actually have things grow!  Perhaps I don't have s black thumb after all!

We also had our driveway replaced right before the weather turned in November, and we LOVE having concrete rather than dirt and gravel!  So much nicer!  Now we just need to do something fun with the sides of the driveway to make it look more finished.  We do also need to reinforce some areas on our fence, as it is painfully obvious that parts of it are strongly sagging one way or the other.

In January, we also needed to replace our sink in the upstairs bathroom, which turned into replacing the vanity, tearing out the tile behind the vanity and adding new back splash, removing the side mirror and the night light, repainting the bathroom, and adding more storage.


This past week, we also got together with our neighbors and decided to chop down the tree that is on our mutual property line, since we both think it is an eyesore, and we were sick of the squirrels chucking chestnuts at our respective dogs, so now that has been taken care of, and everything is looking up that we will avoid those sneaky squirrels this year!

Our Lives:

We've made some good friends in our ward, and we have loved spending more time with them and getting to know them better, which is something that we have missed with other friends moving, and with all of our own moves throughout the years.

While we don't get to see some of our older friends as often, we are always super excited when we are able to get together with them once more and catch up on our respective lives!  I get to spend some time with Kelly in the next few weeks, and will be with her over her birthday, and I am super stoked!


Bruce and I went to his 10 year high school reunion this past year, and were able to see some of his old friends, which was fun.  He also attended a healthcare conference this past autumn, which he enjoyed.

I was able to surprise him this past Christmas with a homemade Xbox Onesie, courtesy of my fabulous mother's sewing skills, which I am pretty sure won Christmas!


Bruce will be graduating with his MBA this coming Saturday, and we are going up to Seattle for his graduation ceremony!  He has worked long and hard for his degree, and we will be taking some time for a small vacation while we are up there.

His clinic was also acquired by Bingham Memorial Hospital this year, and he has accepted a new position with them as a Clinic Informatics Specialist, which allows him to travel to various clinics owned by BMH, and help them solve some of their issues surrounding their systems.


Among all the house projects that were undertaken within the last year, I also resolved to get healthier, having once again gained more weight than I was comfortable with.  While I was not at my heaviest weight ever, I continued to struggle with it, and made the determination to get some help and work harder to get rid of it.  As a result, I have successfully lost 60 lbs in the last 10 months, which is such a relief.  While each day is still a struggle, I know that success is possible!

I am also restarting my grad program in July, so that should be fun as well!  I am hoping to be done within a year, but we will see if I can stick to that goal, since it is a little ambitious.

Oh, we did also recently purchase a second vehicle, since I will be needing to travel down to Salt Lake on occasion to train new employees, and since Bruce also needs to travel more with his new job, it only made sense for us to get another car.  The new one is also larger, so we will be able to drive the (soon to be 3) dogs around much more easily!

Well, that is the recap for now, hopefully we will both be better about posting a bit more regularly than we have in the last year! Fingers crossed!


Weekend Adventures and Projects

I took a couple days off from work this past week.

Not because I had any fun or grand plans, but mostly because I am close to capping out on my vacation time, and I need to use it or I lose it.  Super exciting stuff, I know!

Well, it turns out that my taking vacation time when I did was extremely fortuitous!  (Love it when that happens).  On my way home from dropping the husband off to work on Thursday, our tire pressure light went off in our car...again.  For some reason, we keep getting bead leaks in our tires, and it is super annoying.  During the winter, I think we took it in every 2-3 weeks for a while.

So I got to spend some of my time off dealing with that, after dropping the pups off at doggy daycare.  Which, doggy daycare is the best!  They get to run around all day, and get nice and worn out by the time we pick them up at the end of the day.  Not having them underfoot while trying to get things done around the house is a HUGE plus!

After dealing with the car, I did some weeding and edging in the front and side yard, which needed it badly...I am still not done, but it is a definite improvement!


This was a couple weeks ago when everything had bloomed and looked pretty, but the weeds and grass are everywhere!


The blooms are gone, but so are the weeds and most of the grass!  And I love having the nice edge on the flower bed too!

During this whole process, I tweaked my neck, which hurt like the Dickens for the next 2 days, but I feel fine so far today, so that is good!

Later that night (Thursday), I got a call from my parents who were driving up to Washington to visit my sister and her family for the twins' baptism on Saturday, and it turned out that their car had completely died when they hit Burley!  So they had their car towed to Pocatello, and they stayed with us for the night, and then they rented a car here, and left the next day, but luckily still made the baptism!  So glad I had the day off to help them get where they needed to be!

Friday was spent getting things done around the inside of the house, since my neck was giving me grief, and making it difficult to move, and it was nice to have a relaxing day with almost zero responsibilities.

On Saturday, we decided to take a day trip to Shoshone Falls, since Bruce had never been before, and I figured that since we live relatively close to it, we should make the most of it!  The weather turned out not to be as nice yesterday in Twin Falls as it was in Pocatello, so it was pretty overcast, but they were still really pretty, and impressive!  Bruce is always a bit wary of being so close to large waterfalls, but he thought they were pretty neat too.

The Falls
 He looks a little nervous!
On solid ground, much more relaxed!

It was fun to get away together for a little trip.  We didn't take a big trip this year like we have in years past, so even just this little jaunt was nice.

Later in the day, my stud of a husband did the edging and laying of pavers in our backyard to create a mowing strip along our flower bed, and it looks amazing!  He is such a stud!

 The flower bed desperately needs to be weeded!
Such an improvement!

I am now of the opinion that weekends always need to be 4 days long...it really is the only way to get all of your projects and chores done, and still have time to relax a bit!  Whoever decided that 2 days off per week is sufficient is crazy.


Still kickin'

Hey y'all!

We are still around, just apparently radio silent.  Ha ha!  I am so lax in posting, it is almost becoming a bad joke!

Here's another recap on our goings on for ya!


Our basement flooded. Twice.  So we tore the basement up trying to find a source, but determined that is was really just due to the crazy winter weather we had, so we put up gutters on the house, and things have been fine so far since then.

We added another puppy to our family.  Because we are crazy.  His name is Watson, and he is super cute, but definitely a handful.  To those who don't think that puppies are as challenging as babies, I respectfully submit my disagreement.


I honestly don't remember anything terribly remarkable happening in February for us, or maybe I am suppressing some things, I honestly don't know...but it is a short month anyway, so I am not sure it matters.

Oh, we did get together with some friends a few times though, which was nice, since I don't get out much!  We had some friends over for Valentine's Day, and did dinner and dessert.  We also went to a Escape Room with a couple from our new ward, and it was fun to do that and get to know them a little better.


We started putting the basement back together (yep, it took us this long to even start doing that after the flood), so Bruce patched a wall and stretched the carpet back into place.  I am pretty sure he hates the carpet kicker now.

I attempted to organize the garage a bit, since when we moved in, there were a bunch of things left from the previous owner (wood, bags of cement, tools, beer cans, random things that I cannot identify), and found, to my surprise, a full bathtub, still in its original pallet packaging!  What?!  It was covered in cobwebs and dust, so I did not touch it. Yuck!


Which brings us to this month!  So far, we have gone down to Utah for Bruce's LDS mission reunion, then met up with my family the next day for breakfast and chatting.

Watson got neutered this past week, and is sporting the Cone of Shame, which, he naturally despises, but he is still as rambunctious as ever.

I took two days off this past week to deal with Watson's vet stuff, and take care of some other tasks, and wound up painting the basement.  I never really cared for the beige (some people think it looked a little green too) color, so I was more than happy to change it up a bit.  I decided to go with a cool grey color to match the color that we have in the upstairs living room, and I LOVE it!  It makes the space feel so much more open and pleasant.

Side Story:  So, back in February (there you go, another thing for February!) I met a gal in our ward named Rebekah, and she reminded me a lot of my sister Jenelle, whom I love and adore.  Her looks and personality both are so remarkably similar, that I even mentioned it to Bruce later, and he agreed.  Fast forward a few weeks, and it turns out that Rebekah and I are related!  We discovered that we are both Fairbanks' by birth, and that my grandfather was her grandfather's uncle!  Such a small world!

Back to the now:

Today, we attended the baptism of one of Rebekah's sons, and got to meet some of her siblings and other extended family, which was a lot of fun.

My parents also came up today to help us tackle the garage (ie, the bathtub and other random junk that was left in there).  They were kind enough to rent a U-Haul for us to use to remove the junk, and helped tear out the old cabinets, and load up the bathtub, broken screens, windows, doors, siding, paint, wood, and who knows what else.  Mom also helped me hem the curtains that were newly hung in the basement (and by "helped", I mean that she was kind enough to do it for me!).

It has been a busy week/weekend in our house, and I for one, am looking forward to a relaxing Sunday tomorrow.  Hopefully the puppies will comply!



Has it really been almost a year since I posted anything on here?  Wow.

Clearly, I have slipped back into my bad habit of not posting...which really shouldn't be that much of a surprise, since I tend to have this lapse on a fairly regular basis.

Anywho...this past year has been pretty interesting, and we have had many ups and downs, and shifts, and pulls in different directions.

Over the course of the year, Bruce completed his internship, finished his undergrad degree, job hunted, interviewed, and hunted some more.  There were many trips to Boise for interviews and some of them looked promising.

At one point in May, we contemplated making a leap to move to Boise, for all of the opportunities for work in that area, however, things kept getting in the way of those plans...royally. And it became painfully evident that a move to Boise was not in the cards for us, but we did not know why.

So we stayed in Pocatello, continuing the job hunt in Southeast Idaho, and there were a few promising interviews with one of the hospitals in Idaho Falls.  During this time, he had continued to work for the clinic that he did his internship with, as a part-time employee, and in October, they approached him with an offer to keep him on full-time, which he took.

At the end of October, we also stumbled across a listing for a charming little house here in Pocatello, and we immediately fell in love with it, put an offer down, and had the offer accepted less than half an hour later, and then one month later, we moved in!  We are so happy with our new home, and love that we have a space for Cooper to run around, and for us to call our own.

While the past year may not have taken us down the paths that we originally planned, we could not be happier with where we have ended up!


Late night blogging with Bruce. Q&A session but really its me just answering whatever questions I think of. Geez this is a long title.

People have been asking how we are and wanting us to write on the blog. In the spirit of that, I present you with a Q&A.

What am I doing right now?
Writing on the blog from my phone in bed while listening to James Bay's Hold Back The River.

What song am I hooked on lately?
Oddly enough, its Oceans by Coldplay. I keep getting the guitar music in my head. I have been listening to a ton of Coldplay in hype for being close to finally seeing them in concert.

What is going on recently with me?
I am wrapping up the last weeks of my undergrad education. I am also still working at Pocatello Women's Health Clinic as an Administrative Assistant.
I recently suffered from acute pericarditis. It hurt alot. I was almost convinced I was having a heart attack but I am fine and working back up to regular physical activity.

What is my favorite part of my job right now?
Its the people I get to work with and learning new things. I have been very lucky to learn from and work with an amazing staff.
We can step away from work questions.

What am I up to this weekend? Friday I am driving to Boise again for some more networking opportunities and also some job interviews. After that who knows.

What hobby have I picked up recently? My sister in law has redrawn my attention to how awesome some board games can be.

Who do I consider to be my greatest examples or mentors? First person who always comes on this list is my dad. I love and respect that man a great deal. Dad always made a point to give everything your best effort and have confidence that things will work together for your good. It always made me happy to be known as one of Brad's boys.
I really was impacted by counsel from Joseph B Wirthlin when I was younger.
He has some great talks that I still read.
I have the great fortune of learning from people I work with as well.

What are my goals after graduation? Get a job in an organization that can provide me opportunities to advance.
Continue on to get a masters of business administration.
Continue to support my little family and the crazy fun adventures we will have.

Next place I'd like to vacation to? It would probably be Washington D.C. in the spring time.

That is all for now.
Night ya'll.



Our silly pups looooove when people come to visit.

Because they are still fairly young, and because company isn't a regular occurrence in our house, their "company manners" are something less than desirable.  Meaning, they jump and get in your face, and don't stop until they are comfortable with the fact that the visitors aren't going anywhere anytime soon...so, at least an hour or two!

Sometimes, we pen them up so that they don't jump on our poor visitors, but then we have to deal with sad puppy faces, and whining.  It's tough being a cute puppy, and not being allowed to share your cuteness with the public!

So in honor of Cooper's 1st birthday later this month, we thought we'd share their cuteness in a jump-free zone!


Something Funny Happened on the way to the Breakroom

Today was a crazy frustrating day at work.  I had multiple students who were combative and persistent past the point of ridiculous, which caused me to shriek at my computer screen more than once when the carefully crafted emails I sent them were returned with increasingly less well crafted retorts questioning my IQ.

These types of days are not my favorite, but thankfully, they aren't a common occurrence, that is to say, they limit themselves to roughly once or twice a week, and usually only happen one student at a time, instead of the 3 I had all at the same time today.

Yes, I know.  This is a trivial issue from my day.  I know people in other professions have much more challenging work days than I do, and I commend them for maintaining their sanity (or at least appearing like they have).

I did have a little ray of sunshine today though.

While performing a function of my job that requires verification of documents provided by students, I went to open the aforementioned document, only to find, not the school transcript that was supposed to be attached to the email sent to me, but instead, a recipe for Shrimp Quesadillas.

I had a good laugh about it as I crafted my email response stating that while the Shrimp Quesadillas are most likely delicious, they will not be able to assist in their request, and that I would, in fact, require a copy of their transcript.


Okay, I just read the entire post above, and realized that it doesn't sound like me at all.

Well, it does, but not the "me" that normally writes on here...the wording above is very much "work me", which apparently sounds very different than the "me" writing right now.

So there you go, an insight into what happens while I work, and how I talk when I am there.  Take it for what you will!